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FAQs for Parents

Who are Alex and Tampi?

They are the Quings of Småland. Two giant red furry hearts that have been taking care of Småland for over 1,000 tears.

To find out more about them, click here.

Background of Småland



Can I or another person use my child’s passport to scan at the småles shroom?

No, your citizenship benefits are only for your child to enjoy. So it is not legal according to Småland state legislation to allow another person to use your passport and conduct any transaction at the Bug House or småles shroom with your presence. This applies to usage of the free drink and discounted kid's meal coupon. Only a småle is entitled to this benefit.

What can my child do with his/her Smålish dållars and sänts?

Your child can use them to redeem for merchandise like småles T-shirt and redeem for tickets for småles activities and workshops (Some even, for both parent and child).

What happens when my child's visit credits have reached the maximum of 10 Smålish dållars?

When your child scans his Småland passport at the småles shroom, no more visit credits will be recorded and neither will he/she receive any more stickers. However, he can still withdraw his Smålish dållars to redeem items and print his meal coupon for each day.

How can my child earn more Smålish dållars?

He/ She can bring newspapers back for recycling and earn green credits.

How do my child make a redemption with his Smålish dållars?

He/ she can simply scan his passport at the småles shroom and withdraw the amount he needs by printing a money coupon. He can then this coupon to the Bug House and make your redemption.

Can I combine passports to redeem merchandise?

No, combining passports to redeem merchandise is not allowed. Your child can earn dållars to redeem merchandise by recycling newspapers or dropping by at the IKEA stores.

Can my child combine passports to pay on behalf of another småle for participation in an activity?

Yes, that is fine. We want your child to have fun together with his/her siblings, cousins and friends. This only applies if the other person is also an active småles citizen.

Can my I redeem merchandise or recycle paper on behalf of my child?

Every småle member is responsible for his/her own Smålish account. For concerns for the misuse of Smålish dållars, should your child like to withdraw or earn dållars for redeeming merchandise or recycling paper, they would have to come down to the Bug House to do so.

Do my child's Smålish dållars expire?

Yes, his/her dållars will expire. Dållars earned for one calendar year (Jan-Dec) will expire on 31 Dec two years later. The dållars will also expire at the end of your 13th birthday month, whichever is earlier. For example, dållars earned between Jan to Dec 2012 will expire on 31 Dec 2014.

What are green credits and how does my child earn them?

Green credits are given to reward småles for doing a good "green" deed, that is, by bringing newspapers down for Alex and Tampi's paper porridge. Every 1kg of newspaper your child brings down will earn him/her 1 green credit.

What can my child do to earn green credits?

Your child can redeem his/her green credits for Smålish dållars. Every 3 green credits will earn them $0.50 Smålish dållars.

Do green credits expire?

Yes, the green credits in your child's småles account will expire. Green credits earned for one calendar year (Jan-Dec) will expire on 31 December two years later. Dållars redeemed through your green credits will expire on 31 December, two years from the date of redemption.

Member benefits



Why do you need to collect our personal data?

Ikano Pte Ltd collects personal information during the course of its everyday activities, and will only collect such personal information if it is necessary for one of our functions or activities. For more information, please refer to our Personal Data Protection Notice

How do I access/edit my/ my child's personal data under the småles programme?

You may login to the Member's portal online using your child's 16-digit membership number and password. You would then have access to both view and editing of your personal data.

How do I cancel my membership or withdraw my personal data if I do not agree with the Personal Data Protection Notice?

You may complete this form and send it to

What happens when the passport is lost or full?

If it's lost, report to the Bug counter and get a new one. However, $2 Smålish dållars will be deducted from your account. If it's full, report to the Bug counter again and get a replacement at no extra charge.

Why do we need age verification documents for registration?

Upon registration, we need either your child's birth certificate or student pass in order to verify your age. Only kids aged 4 years and above to 10 years and 9 months (as of your birth date) can be a citizen of Småland.

Membership terms and conditions



What happens after my child turn 13 years old?

Your child will receive a letter from us on the month of your 13th birthday, that can be used to redeem a free slice of birthday cake at our Swedish Restaurant in IKEA Alexandra and IKEA Tampines as a farewell gift from småles from us to your child.

When will my child receive my 13th birthday letter?

Your child will receive his/her 13th birthday letter 1 -2 weeks before your 13th birthday month. Remember to update your mailing address if you move to a new place.

Membership expiry



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