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How to Use the Shroom

Do you know that there's a magic shroom in Småland? Only Smålish citizens can use this shroom and no one else!

Use the Shroom to do many things!

Print out your discounted kids' meal coupon and get your visit stickers
Scan to record your visit and earn Smålish dållars
Print out dållars to buy merchandise or take part in activities
Check your Smålish dållar balance
Check your green credit balance
Here's a step by step guide on how to use the shroom. You'll find that its very easy!
Scan your Smålish passport at the shroom.
Choose what you want to do today
You can print your meal coupon, check your Smålish dållar balance or check your green credits.
Print meal coupon.
Click on "Drink & Meal" to print your meal coupon and collect your sticker
Print Smålish dållars.
You can use your Smålish dållars to redeem for merchandise or take part in fun activities.

Click on "Bank Account" to check your Smålish dållar balance. Decide on the amount you want and press print.
Bring your dållar coupon to the Bug House to redeem your merchandise or sign up for activities.
Check your green credits
Click on "Green credits" to check your green credit balance. 3 green credits = $0.50 Smålish dållars!

Bring newspapers or card-board boxes back for Alex and Tampi's paper porridge and earn green credits!
The IKEA Kids Club